More Adventures with My twitter Feed

Asking questions of past me has been fun but what I wanted to do next is see what future me might conceivably tweet next so a little machine learning fun was my next stop .

This post like my first post in this series on having fun with my twitter feed is about showing you how easy it is to use GCP to help you have fun with your tweets in the simplest way possible ( ok laziest way !) . So I won’t be spending too much time talking through Machine learning concepts but if you’re interested (it’s fascinating) then you really can’t go too wrong then by starting out by reading Cassie’s @quaesita medium posts and watching some of her talks on YouTube she really does make it simple to comprehend ! In my case I am using the microwave not learning how to build it ! ( This is my favourite analogy From Cassie)

Anyway on with my adventure

I knew I wanted to use GCP and I also knew I wanted to keep it as simple as possible .

Basically I wanted to do the following

Input mytweets -> train a model - > model generates new tweets .

So I started from here which is a central hub for all things AI on GCP. It’s a repository of plug-and-play AI components, including end-to-end AI pipelines and out-of-the-box algorithms. Read the intro here for a way more comprehensive intro than I really have space for here .

I entered “text generation” in the search box at aihub as my starting point which returned a number of choices ( 16 when i did this ) the char RNN notebook looked the most likely to achieve what I wanted.

Char RNN is a neural net specifically a recurrent neural net It’s an implementation in Tensorflow .

The first thing I needed was some training data. If you read the previous post you know I have loaded up my twitter archive into a BigQuery dataset . So I had that but Looking at the route I was going down I needed to get my tweets extracted into a text file I could upload to the vm the Colab notebook was running on .

From The BigQuery Console I ran the following query

SELECT full_text FROM 'myproject.mytwtitterdata.gracetweets'

And saved the results as a csv

Saving the results as csv only allows you to export 16,000 rows which I felt was more than enough for my purposes. If you want to use the full dataset then you would have to save the results to another table and export it

I read what ai hub told me about my chosen notebook


and then I opened the Colab notebook. If you’re not sure what a notebook is when used in ML workflows read this great Colaboratory getting started page


As with any notebook you go through running the cells in order in this case I uploaded my own data when given the option so I got 👇🏽

exported-tweets.csv(text/csv) - 1742950 bytes, last modified: 25/08/2019 - 100% done”

But I had problems running the notebook with my data due to the fact I had emojis in some of my tweets probably and got this error:

'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\U0001f9d0' in position 1017: ordinal not in range(128)'

So I figured I needed to convert the file from unicode to ascii so I ran this against my source file to convert the encoding

iconv -f utf8 -t ISO-8859-1 exported-tweets.csv > sep-8-tweets.csv

I tried running the notebook again and it worked this time!

The first set of tweets it produced were interestingly odd to say the least reckon it needed more time to learn

Here’s a snippet of its early efforts:

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The generated web pages that lead no where .. the odd turn of phrase which isn’t really my odd turn of phrase . 🤔

I left it training for a bit longer and it was still tweeting strangely :

"Senter in same favourite ""no mathematical pants to end of best 2 box"""
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This has been for fun and I know I should have done the encoding in BigQuery and exported to GCS but this was done in an idle few hours on a sunday afternoon so I just used the most direct way to get to the fun bit.

I left it training for a longer period and scarily it was beginning to make tweets that were surreal but kinda almost beginning to make sense in a disturbing kind of way I saved some of them as a gist here

So it seems future me apparently will be tweeting very strangely or that’s how we will all tweet in the future 🤷🏽‍♀️